Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Apart from reminding you of a popular comic book character, that title refers to the tin sheets that cover a whole lot of packaged tinned food containers. You know, the types that you cut out with a pair of scissors before you actually get to empty the contents of the tin can.

So what can you do with a sheet of tin that you ripped off some container? (considering this is a creative blog!)…. Pretty much, if you ask me. Just see what I did – backed it up with some cardboard and paper, and had a homemade coaster for the table.

Dressed it up with some scribbles and it can pass off as a wall piece! Yippee...

I am sure the story hasn’t ended yet… I can feel another makeover for the tin is on its way already. Look out for more…

And in the meanwhile, have fun recycling. It really is one of my favourite-est pastimes (though it is a different matter that I have no time with a full-day job, two kids, and a new house making constant demands on my sanity!)….


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