Sunday, October 19, 2014

Diwali Countdown: Rangoli Diya Trays

Diwali is the one festival when we like going traditional. And  putting up pretty rangolis at distinct places around the house is such an integral part of this festival. But wait! Time is always at a premium during festivals, and rangolis require not only time but loads of patience too.... now what?!?

Well, we have the perfect solution to your rangoli decorating woes. Just check out these beautiful, hand-crafted rangoli diya trays. In one go, they will add a dash of bling to your décor, and infuse the traditional quotient too. Display them with some marigold and rose petals strewn around, and see the magic that they create around your home.

So let your home sparkle and shine this Diwali, with these hand-crafted rangoli diya trays. To pick one or more of these, write to me at Or even better, catch me at the Ardee City Diwali Mela in sector 52, Gurgaon today as I have lots of pretty designs available. Happy decorating!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Diwali Countdown: Bottle Lamps

This Diwali, go hand-made! Light up a special corner of your home with these hand-painted lamps that are sure to be the conversation starters at your next gathering.

After the festival, you can always convert these lamps into vases, to display fresh or dried floral arrangements. Or even those paper flowers that the kids learnt at school!

Want one of these? Write to me at or catch me at the Ardee City Diwali Mela in Gurgaon on the 19th of this month. Happy lighting up!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Diwali Countdown: Bottlemania

With the festival of lights just a week away now, can this blog afford to be in snooze mode any longer? ....Well, I am back and promise to share with you some easy-breezy décor ideas over this week. So that by the time Deepawali dawns, you and your abode are more than ready to welcome all - your family, friends and the goddess of wealth!

To start with, I have a bunch of bottles ready in a festive combo of pink, white and silver. While one has been inspired by traditional henna motifs, the other two are more modern in their design. Display these singly or as a group, they are sure to add a touch of classy appeal to your festive décor setting.

Want one or all of these? Write to me at or catch me at the Ardee City Diwali Mela in Gurgaon on the 19th of this month. And yes, keep your eyes open for more decorative items and décor ideas on this page all through this week. Happy decorating! :)


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