About Me

"One-time corporate creature; now a self-taught creative artist. I use my time as a stay-at-home-mom to two bright sparks to churn out creative pieces, often turning waste material lying around the house into artistic objects."

Creative Rumblings by Madhurima Mathur was born out of a hunger to live the creative life.... on a sustained, daily basis. I started small, by turning waste material lying around the house – glass bottles, CDs, tin foils, cereal boxes, wood pieces and so on - into artistic, decorative objects. But somewhere along the way, it turned into a passion.... not only for art but also for recycling. For reducing our carbon footprint. 

Today, Creative Rumblings offers original art – on glass, canvas, paper and any other paintable surface. I also undertake commissions and offer workshops. Our exclusive, hand-painted Bottle Art is our forte. We turn used bottles into conversation starters. Dress up your spaces with some Creative Rumblings bottle art. Unique pieces, each telling a story of its own.  Offered in a variety of themes and designs; easy to maintain.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope you enjoy looking around, and take away some creative inspiration for yourself. You can also catch me on Facebook and get regular updates if you Like the page.

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