Thursday, February 27, 2014

Down The Road

One of the first landscapes I painted this year, inspired by a recent visit to an agricultural research centre that had acres and acres of soothing green fields gently swaying in gusts of cool, fresh air.

The road in the middle of the greens in this piece has some gritty sand particles mixed in with the paint, as you can see clearly in the picture on the right. Apologies for the rather grainy looking upload; I can't seem to figure out why the picture is not showing up too well.

On another note, I visited some awesome exhibitions this month at the National Gallery of Modern Art. I seriously consider myself lucky to have seen almost the entire official collection of Amrita Shergill and some interesting Subodh Gupta installations, all at one go!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spring Bouquet

In the Valentine season, what better colour to paint with than shades of red! The vibrancy of red always manages to perk me up. And the blooming garden and yellow sunshine is making me paint flowers all over again.

This one is my abstract rendition of a lily and a gerbera in a spring bouquet. The special bit about this piece is that very little brushwork was used in this. Instead I put an old credit card to good use! The outcome has me pretty pleased. :) Hope you all enjoy the Valentine weekend with your loved ones....

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Abstract Landscapes

I was always a huge admirer of landscapes, given the inherent nature lover that I am. Lately I'm leaning more and more towards semi-abstract and abstract depiction of landscapes.

Trying to capture the beauty of the world around us using the fluidity and freeform of abstracts is very liberating. There are so many different interpretations you can give to the same scene, thanks to the boundless quality of abstract and mixed media art.

Nah, what you see here is not an actual canvas; it is just a rough sketch I made on a 1"x1" square card. But I am currently working on a series of landscape abstracts, in small format (10"x10"), both on paper and canvas.

Some of my landscapes are derived from my own recent journeys, and some from pictures and settings that have left an impression on me at some point of time. Hope to share the results of my efforts soon.

On another note, I'm really enjoying the balmy weather these days. As the days get warmer, it is so obvious that my favourite season Spring is just round the corner. There is a song in my heart and a spring in my step that is making me want to paint more and more!


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