Thursday, August 27, 2015

Curio Bottle

So who says bottles are only meant to hold flowers or money plants? See how perfect these found bird feathers look in the small curio bottle.

The abstract design (that many folks at the exhibition called the Tiffany stained glass effect) is eye-catching and attractive. Simple yet beautiful.

I absolutely love how you can view the design on the other side superimposed on the side facing you.

And of course, a single floral stem would look equally nice in that bottle! So what's holding you back from getting one? :) Write to me at to get yours.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nature Journal: The July Page

Umm, well, I don't know how to start this post.... Writing about the July page of the Nature Journal is somewhat embarrassing because the page never got written on time! The July page got written in August.... well, most of it.

All through July I was so preoccupied with the upcoming exhibition that the Nature Journal got a royal ignore. Scrambling to create enough inventory for a 3-day showing, I had no scope whatsoever to think about what I wanted to put in the journal. That explains the lack of a natural specimen on the page!

Couple of random observations got recorded, but the remaining month an almost-blank page stared back at me. Till I jotted down major topics on my phone, and proceeded to write about them after the exhibition was over. Thankfully, by then, my favourite creations around this time of the year - the toadstools - bailed me out. So you have a mushroom bloom garden finishing off the July page. Hope that gives you some ideas to go mushroom hunting whenever it rains.

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Minions

They are the hottest brand on the horizon, the characters everyone is raving about. You know who I mean, right.... the title to the post gave that away!

I caught up with them last weekend (thanks to my kiddos) in the movie by their name but not before I had captured them on a bottle. Yes, the Minions, with their oh-so-cute expressions adorned a jam jar at my recent exhibition.

And since everyone wants to be seen with them, a not-so-little-kid-turned-adult picked them up for his home. So he could "Be one.... in a Minion!!" :)

The Minions jam jar now doubles up as a pen/pencil holder and works equally well as a night lamp!

Aren't they looking super? If you want something similar for a kid you know, or for the kid in you, write in to me at and get your own Minions home.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Showcasing Bottle Art at 'Artivity'

How time changes perspectives!.... Read on to know why I write this. And yes, I'm sounding a long post alert too. So proceed at your own risk! :)

The Creative Rumblings stall at Artivity, Select Citywalk

To think that just a month back I was choosing to ignore the invitation mail from the Select Citywalk team for participating in the Artivity event. And here I am, giving you all a round-up of our experience. Yes, it all started on the wrong note.... by my not wanting to participate. But then, as they say, destiny had other plans!

View from the inside

A close-up of our name board

This was the first edition of Artivity at Select Citywalk, and it was aimed at promoting both traditional and modern art forms. There were 16 stalls in all, each giving a glimpse into a special form of art. Right from traditional crafts like wire craft, rice etching and calligraphy to modern ones like decoupage, dry flower crafts to bottle art.

At the risk of sounding clich├ęd, I have to say that our experience at Artivity was quite similar to our first exhibition at Gurgaon last Diwali. So many people showered love by visiting our stall, taking time to look at the pieces on display, clicking pictures (sometimes with and sometimes without our permission!), openly appreciating our work and saluting our creative thinking. Our penchant for upcycling and giving the discarded a new lease of life won us lots of accolades. 

The uniqueness of bottle art was very well received as countless people stopped by to appreciate, to ask us how we work, what materials we use, and most importantly, to show their children, family and friends this unusual form of art.

Interacting with our admirers and patrons

Many people who had seen our work on Friday came back with others in tow on the next two days, giving us knowing smiles! Sitting three whole days doing 12-hour shifts in a mall is not easy; we were dead tired by the end of it all. But such a heart-warming response made all our efforts worth it.

Loved the joy on the faces of the young and old alike

Our original concept of turning old CDs into rangoli diya trays was also a big hit, both with elders and the young crowd. Not only did the diya trays sell like hot cakes, many promised us to try out similar decorations this coming Diwali. These encouraging reactions to our endeavours always keeps us on our toes, motivating us to further innovate with recyclable materials. Must confess I felt elated being recognized for my small efforts in the overwhelming presence of the big brands surrounding us.

Discussing, explaining and conveying our thoughts

The artist as mommy on the final day :)

And of course, all this would never have been possible without the 24/7 support of my home team. The youngest ones who showed a little more independence so mom could work on creating enough inventory. The eldest one who kept his demands to the minimum so as not to burden the rest. The mother, who handled the home front single-handedly with a smile, and had encouraging words on her lips every time I had moments of self doubt. And the hubby, who stood (sometimes behind and sometimes beside) like a rock, steadying me each time I faltered. Last but not the least.... my buddies (you know who you are) who trooped in to motivate, encourage, support and lift us up. I feel blessed, truly!

Since we received a lot of enquiries, I plan to introduce workshops shortly. So keep an eye on this space and our Facebook page, and you'll see announcements soon. Till then, apart from resting my tired bones, let me bask in the glory of a job well done. Whoever heard of modesty?!?.... Modesty is out of fashion!! ;) Hope you enjoyed reading this long post.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


A big Thank You to all those who made our outing at Artivity, Select Citywalk a grand success!

Pictures and details coming soon.... stay tuned.


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