Friday, August 14, 2015

The Minions

They are the hottest brand on the horizon, the characters everyone is raving about. You know who I mean, right.... the title to the post gave that away!

I caught up with them last weekend (thanks to my kiddos) in the movie by their name but not before I had captured them on a bottle. Yes, the Minions, with their oh-so-cute expressions adorned a jam jar at my recent exhibition.

And since everyone wants to be seen with them, a not-so-little-kid-turned-adult picked them up for his home. So he could "Be one.... in a Minion!!" :)

The Minions jam jar now doubles up as a pen/pencil holder and works equally well as a night lamp!

Aren't they looking super? If you want something similar for a kid you know, or for the kid in you, write in to me at and get your own Minions home.

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