Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Warli Wedding

Worked on another bottle with the Warli theme; this time it was a wedding that found its way on to the bottle!

So you have a bride waiting in her 'palki' (palanquin)...

...and a groom astride the horse, off to get his bride.

A celebratory mood prevails of course, with festoons and fireworks, and dancing figures.

p.s. - It was quite a nightmare trying to photograph this bottle; the light kept blinding everything making it very difficult to catch the details.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Blue Table

Worked on a few still life studies recently. Just put random things lying around together, and proceeded to capture them on paper.

The attempt was by no way to be realistic, no. It was more of my prespective of what I saw before me. So the finished paintings are more expressionist than realist, I'd say. And yes, I did play around with colour schemes. So the blue of the table is entirely a figment of my mind, and not something that we have around the house.

Nevertheless, in this painting I'm pretty happy with the way the fruits got done, especially the bunch of bananas. The ceramic jar could surely be bettered though. Was a good exercise on the whole.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day & Night Bottle

Worked on a bottle after a long time. Enjoyed it thoroughly, of course.

Turn it one way and you see a glowing sunrise, with the sky painted in mutiple hues. The neutrals of the mountains in the foreground offset the brilliance of the sunrise.

Turn it the other way and the blues of the night sky greet you. As a buttery yellow moon hangs in a star-spangled sky.

Fiery and cool at the same time! Like it? Do let me have your comments; it feels good to hear from my readers!

Monday, June 13, 2011


As the crop in the farmer's fields grew lush, a lot of birds would frolic there in search of food. Robins, mynahs, magpies, doves, even a pheasant (so I think) made its home in the dense undergrowth.

But the most fun to watch were the parrots, as they sat swinging on the long stems, their green almost merging with that of the crops.

This painting is inspired by my daily watch of the parrots' antics. Every time I tried to photograph them, I would lose them through the viewfinder, so beautifully were they camouflaged!

Friday, June 10, 2011

An Eye On The Okra

My mother hates them, my daughter loves them, and I chop and cook them!! (other than getting inspired by them, that is). Wonder what I'm talking about? - the humble ladyfinger, or okra, as the new breed likes to call it.

And what is the chopped okra doing on a creative blog?? Well, telling you how to turn the tedious task of veggie chopping into a fun creative session. The only catch is to keep an eye open for the awesome design potential most veggies offer.

I sat with a pencil and paper, and had 4 new designs within minutes, all thanks to chopped ladyfingers!

I can now use the designs for my bottles and they'll make great print motifs too. What do you think of these?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bouncing Back! :)

My mind is at peace again, and I am slowly but surely crawling back to normal. A huge change was pending, and I guess all my inertia and insomnia was arising from that. But the dust has settled now, and I feel calm enough to think creatively again.

Phew! It is such a relief.... my thanks to all those who egged me on with their encouraging words.

Thanks also to all those lovely readers who regularly drop by this blog. Now that my head is cleared up, I promise to resume regular posting very soon.


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