Thursday, May 18, 2017

May Lilies

The month of May is always marked by a bunch of these yellow lilies brightening up the garden. But the sweltering heat this year has ensured that there are still no signs of any blossoms. Though lilies do well in hot and dry conditions, but Delhi summers can get to be a bit too much even for these gorgeous blooms.... As the skies sport an occasional cloud cover, hope the May lilies oblige us this year as well in the coming weeks.

From an arty perspective, I am having great fun with my backgrounds these days, using a variety of media to create effects. What do you think of this new stylised background?

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ode To Laburnums

Today as I walked in the park, the sweet fragrance of flowering Laburnums (also called Amaltas) filled the air. So many trees, all covered in yellow, swaying in the breeze. That reminded me of a little poem I wrote last year.... and thought I'd share with you today.

Yellow butterflies
Fluttering in the breeze
Land on my lap
For a moment I freeze;
Till  I realise
That the yellow shower
Are but petals
Of the Laburnum flower.
The wind picks up
More petals flutter down;
On the grass, in my hair,
Covering the ground.
For the children who laugh and play
Beside the blooming tree:
Remain like the Laburnum -
Bright, fragrant and carefree!

© Madhurima Mathur
Circa 2016

The accompanying painting was also made last year, around the same time that I wrote the poem. Hope you enjoyed both. Laburnums always remain one of my choicest associations of summer.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Let Go

I wanted to post this to coincide with Easter last month but a paint job at home upset my working and posting schedules completely.

One of the most important of life's learnings is to let go and move on. Remember that time and tide​ wait for none. If you choose to remain stuck at a point, life is simply going to pass you by.

So loosen up and let go of that which serves no purpose or brings no good. For only then will new vistas unfold....

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