Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Creative Rumblings Exhibits at Artivity, Select Citywalk

The time has come, dear readers and followers, to finally let the cat out of the bag.... sharing with you all today the 'big news' that I harped about in the last post!!

And the news is that Creative Rumblings has been chosen to participate in Artivity, a celebration of traditional and modern art forms, at the posh Select Citywalk mall in Saket. Artivity is an initiative by the Select Citywalk team to bring art to public spaces, out of the confines of galleries and elitist surroundings.

Creative Rumblings and our unique brand of bottle art, is proud to be associated with this venture to connect better with the public and bring art into the everyday realm - to be touched, felt and explored. We wholeheartedly support this initiative of taking art to a public domain and reaching out to a wider audience.

So look forward to seeing you between 31 July-02 August, 2015 at the Central Atrium at Select Citywalk. We will be at stall number 15. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July Snippets

Those of you wondering about my disappearing act for the past few weeks.... well, I have news. But first things first. July seemed to have gone by mostly in a blur, for various reasons.

The kids are back to school, which means a fresh flurry of projects and activities to do with them. Like this tile painting that had to be submitted to commemorate the school's golden jubilee. Sonny and I chose to paint five different types of flowers, each flower representing each decade. These tiles will be put up on the school walls to make a colourful collage of sorts.

The rains have been playing spoiler with my walks pretty often. And as a result, till date I have no sample in place for the July page of my nature journal. This isn't quite stressing me out but I like to be on top of things, and my July page is running woefully late.

I have also been working non-stop at a feverish pace through the month. The reason why time seems to be flying extra fast! There is something very exciting round the corner.... yes, it is BIG NEWS!!! All the slogging away of the past few weeks is in preparation of that 'something', but I cannot reveal details till things are formally finalized. For me, it is a pretty big outing and I am super excited. But phew! I have been killing myself trying to finish up before D-day hits.

So, stay tuned and I'll be back with the details soon. And yes, wish me luck!! Hope the next post will make up for the rather plain one this time!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Nature Journal: The June Page

Presenting to you all the June page from the Nature Journal. This was one page that was ready much before the month ended.... perhaps because I chose to use a picture this time and that covered up quite a bit of space on the page.

Surprisingly, June brought with it quite a few showers that dispelled the searing dry heat of May. And gave us gorgeous evening skies to celebrate! Believe it or not, one evening also brought a full grown peacock, sans its long tail but strutting around our terraces just as proudly. Such a feast it was to watch the magnificent creature from up close.

June was also dedicated to seeds and seedpods. As the storms ensured that a lot of seed dispersal happened successfully. So it was only appropriate to stick on a pretty pink seedpod collected by my daughter from the neighbourhood park. I have no clue what tree that belongs to; anyone out there knows?


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