Monday, June 30, 2008

The Nasturtium

I had to start my creativity-based blog on a creative note. This space is meant to capture the essence of my ‘crafty’ soul, and so whatever I place on it will reflect on what I have been up to in the realm of creativity.

I have been feeling very, very guilty in the recent past as I haven’t been able to post anything here for so long. So guilty that I finally got around to creating some computer-art just so I could give this poor blog a formal launch.

So here is my rendition of one of my favourite flowers from my mom’s garden – the Nasturtium. Every year in winters (winters is flowering time here in the tropical heat of India) when these hardy plants rear their heads and the distinct round-shaped leaves sprout forth, my heart misses a beat. For I know the bright orange hued flowers aren’t too far…. I have been photographing this flower for the last 2-3 years, and got some amazing results every time. The sheer beauty of their delicate designs, as they smile at you cheerily in the gray winter fog is always so uplifting.

You’ll find more Nasturtium lovers here.

Hope you enjoy the blooms….

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