Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Painted Wall Plaques

Poking around the house one day I discovered a suitcase full of goodies that I had got back from a trip to Colorado, USA way back in 2005. Of course I was pleased to find the hidden treasures that included a couple of wall plaques.

I had bought them with the intention of using them in their raw state on the doors. But keeping the new house in mind, I decided to paint them.

So out came my acrylics, and here I share with you the before and after pictures of my painting stint.

This rooster still hasn't found a place on the wall..... tch! tch! It is languishing in the cupboard.....

This plaque with the pumpkins on it could only belong to one place - the kids' room, in honour of my lil' pumpkins! :)
I really enjoyed painting this one, especially the shading on the pumpkins. Though notice that I have left their background unfinished. Mostly because I couldn't decide what color would look best.

But now I think I might just paint it a soft baby pink. That way it'll go so well with the curtains.

Any ideas, dear readers?

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