Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Email ID and Painting Update

Hello there! This blog now has a brand new email ID. And no prizes for guessing the email address... It is, very predictably, You will find the link in my right sidebar. So hope to hear from my readers soon!

As for the painting update, August has started off totally wasted. I have slipped my target again and have not been able to paint anything for almost two weeks... and worse, I have spent the last couple of days moping about it. Not the best place to be in for doing anything remotely creative! But then I was unwell last weekend, and budding artists are allowed some sick leave.

Today my dearest hubby has been an angel in disguise and has bailed me out of my sad plight by chipping in whole-heartedly with humdrum housework. So this afternoon I finally got cracking again, and finished another as-yet-unnamed painting. Will show it around here soon... be on the look out! :)

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