Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cityscape: San Francisco Street

I tried out a new style in painting yet again. And this time it was the urban setting of San Francisco (SFO) that caught my fancy.

Going through one of my favourite blogs, Different Strokes For Different Folks by artist Karin Jurick, I came across this picture of the SFO street.

My first reaction was 'How can anyone paint something so drab and grey?' But the responses that came in were such a learning experience. It taught me how to look at a subject from your own imaginative viewpoint so that even the most regular of shots could be interpreted in an aesthically pleasing fashion.

So this was my version of the SFO street, and I must admit I'm quite pleased with the end result. What do you think, dear readers?


Yuvika said...

wow...this must have required a lot of patience - all the details and all!

Nisha Jha said...

You are a genius !

Every time I think, I'll restrict myself from commenting but no ! You compel me to come here. :-)


Creative Rumblings said...

Thanks for leaving your wonderful comments, Nisha. They really make me take this up more seriously. :)

And Yuvika, the sketch took much longer than usual but the process of filling in the colour and details did not seem so time-consuming. Maybe I got carried away and didn't notice! ;)


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