Thursday, January 21, 2010

Picnic By The Lake

Dreary winter days make me feel confined, and so I'm yearning for a picnic in bright sunshine. We were lucky to catch such a picnic last month... but now that seems a whole year behind us!

So maybe we need new settings. Umm, let's see, a lovely lakeside with clear blue water reflecting the azure of the skies, some multi-hued foliage, and of course, a table laden with goodies. Something like this maybe...

Tablescape inspired by a picture I came upon while blog crawling. Totally forgotten the source, again! :( Shucks, I really need to do something about my memory...

Meanwhile, hope you all will join me in this lovely setting for some cheese chomping and wine drinking (or is it champagne? Nah! no bubbles). :)

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