Thursday, February 18, 2010

Getting Back & Welcoming Spring

I was back from my vacation to Jodhpur earlier this month, and have finally managed to bring out my brushes again. The weather has warmed up all of a sudden, and spring is in the air. My garden is blooming, and so I thought it would only be appropriate to paint something floral.

This sketch has been lying around for more than a month but somehow I felt apprehensive to approach it. But now that I have splashed the brightest of hues on it, I am pretty happy with the results. That I could bring out the layers of colours in the petals of this Nasturtium has been my biggest satisfaction out of this painting. Hope you all enjoy it as much.

I promise to try and increase my frequency of painting from now on so I have more to share with you.

I know a lot of you have been stopping by this blog even while I was away. A big "Thank you" to all of you who have cared to visit and revisit! :) Do keep checking in, and all your comments, observations, suggestions are more than welcome.


Nisha Jha said...

This one is quite nice, colours have come out really well.

I know a few ppl who are comfortable in sketching but when it comes to color them, they hesitate. Now I know why. They have to be as good as you. :)

Creative Rumblings said...

Aww... Thanks, Nisha, for the incredibly encouraging words. It is people like you who keep me going strong....really! :)


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