Saturday, November 19, 2011


Yes, dear readers, I discovered earlier this month that my work (that you have been seeing on this blog for the last 3 years) is now actually good enough to be copied! What a shocker it was to unearth this.

A certain lady from the southern parts of our dear nation has lifted ideas, terms, and phrases right off my pages and created her own little virtual space. Of course, she came into being (I mean her online presence) only recently.... as recently as July 2011. And not just my blog, I can see stuff she has used from other popular art and design blogs too. Combining all stolen ideas, she thinks she is creating some magic masala!! It sucks, really.

Now copying is not right, whichever way you look at it. And the only reason I'm treating this issue with a dash of humour is because my anger won't hurt the plagiarist at all. Rather it would wreak havoc on my sense of well-being and balance, upset my flow of ideas, and obstruct my imagination.

So, dear sneaky lady (since you will come back to read this), thanks for the left-handed compliment. You have only proved with your actions that my work is good enough to be copied! And you perhaps kick yourself for not having such inspired thoughts yourself.

So while I'm looking for how best to deal with Ms. Plagiarist, you better make sure you get your stuff (especially the bottles) right here. Else you'll only land up with a second-hand imitation, and that too at higher prices!

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