Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ganpati On A Bottle

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi comes around later this month, and so I thought a Ganpati bottle would be appropriate. The elephant-headed Hindu deity is everybody's favourite, and remembered on all auspicious occasions.

Completed the Ganpati bottle last month, and posting here a combo picture of the same to give you an all-round view.

This bottle captures Ganesha in different poses, and carries different names used to address the lord. His love for sweets is another aspect that this bottle highlights along with his carrier, the 'mooshak'. Hope you like this one!

p.s. - For a clearer picture of the bottle, go check out our Facebook page.


Vasudha Somayaji said...

Nicely done, the third one is excellent!

Creative Rumblings said...

Thanks, Vasudha, they are four different views of the same bottle. Glad you like it! :)


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