Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Didn't mean to disappear for so long but the kids' exams and a nagging back pain kept me away from posting. Now the first is done but the second still persists.... Anyhow, remember the poppies I was waiting for? Well, with the warmer temperatures, they are blooming all over..... including my studio!

So what better subject to take inspiration from? This painting of poppies is made with lots of texture. All those yellow highlighted outlines leap out at you, especially when the light falls at a certain angle. A good example of tactile art, this is one of those paintings that should be framed without glass. Have framed it for you using the online editor Lunapic.... but according to me, it doesn't require a mount at all; just a wooden frame will work wonders.

More poppies are blooming on my work table.... taking shape from scratch. Will share those soon. Till then, wish you all a blessed week ahead.

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