Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Fort Musician

Ever been to Jodhpur? If yes, then you will share my sentiments. If no, then I recommend a visit. It is one city that definitely has a charm of its own. The quaint marketplaces, the narrow undulating streets, the houses with their jharokhas (carved windows) and carved wooden doors, the blue painted walls of houses in the older part of the city, and of course, the awesome food.

But the most enchanting of all my experiences in Jodhpur was the Mehrangarh Fort. Standing atop a hill overlooking the entire city, the fort appears majestic even from a distance. And once you are inside, you are transported to another world altogether! The royal ambience of yore, with the tinted glass windows and intricate carvings. Musicians playing traditional Rajasthani instruments in the background only add to the charm.

Now you know where this painting came from.... it is one of my favourite pieces from the works I have done this year. Again, this painting has very little brushwork; thick layers of paint applied with a spatula create a beautifully textured effect (click on the picture to see an enlarged version). And looking at it, I am transported back to the famous fort of Mehrangarh.... so when are you packing your bags?!! :)

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