Tuesday, January 13, 2015

My Winter Of Discontent

First post of the new year and I am searching for words! Winters leave me feeling like that.... listless and unable to focus on my work.

But browsing through the first posts of other fellow artists has only brought home to me that I need to get more organized about my work. So while I am not exactly making any resolutions, these pointers I have gathered can help any budding artist/entrepreneur. In no particular order, here are some things I intend to focus on this year.

While the internet forms the backbone of reaching out to the world and learning from other artists, sometimes too much of it actually serves to freeze my own creative juices.

Make time
This one is easier said than done; I mean allocating specific time slots to specific activities. I am bad at this, as unscheduled activities have a way of eating into my creative time.

Any artist worth his or her salt will vouch for this. You really can never sketch enough! In my early days I used to make a point of doing this often but I have slipped horribly on this one lately.

Set goals
Think and figure out what you aim to achieve in the coming year, and get down to work accordingly. My mode of operation has been far too haphazard all this while and I can't wait to get cracking but then again, there are plenty of challenges to overcome.

So there.... at least I have it all pat down. And henceforth, the winter months (read December- January) shall be spent catching up on my reading. Rather than making half-hearted attempts at creating art that only leave me feeling more frustrated. I am not particularly fond of winters, and since that has been affecting my creative process around this time every year, consistently, year after year, hence this change in track.....

It is only thoughts like these that keep me going through the grey, foggy and sunless months. This is one time of the year when I want the calendar to turn faster! :) How about you, dear readers? How do you deal with the cold winter months, especially in terms of creative output.

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