Friday, March 13, 2015

Nature Journal: February

Can you believe that half of February was already past, and my nature journal page had still not started taking shape. Nah! in fact I started work on it on the last day of the month.... and I have no one to blame but myself. Not that there had been any dearth of experiences.
On a particularly warm morning, when a pleasant breeze caressed my cheeks as I enjoyed the sun during my walk in the park, I rediscovered a pair of spotted owls. Little balls of white fur, they were back after their hibernation, and enjoying the spring morning as much as I was.

Then another day in the park, the hubby found a pretty yellow-green parakeet feather. We brought it home, of course. And now it rests with other bird feathers in a painted glass holder. Then the day the kids picked up yellow, green and red leaves, all beautifully dappled, and all fallen from the same tree. The small miracles that make nature journaling such a pleasure.... and immensely satisfying!

Now some of these experiences are captured in my February page, frozen for posterity. Did I tell you I am loving it?!!

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