Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Nature Journal: December Discources

The first official post of the year but it talks of the one big project I started, and successfully completed, all through last year! So proud of this.... As the year drew to a close and the days whizzed by faster than usual, the December page of the Nature Journal proved to be a challenge to complete. First the morning chill made me lazy and I stopped going for my regular walks. Result was very few specimens to show in the journal.

And when I did pick up one of my favourite leaves from the park, I couldn't identify it! I searched high and low for its name, befriended the 'maalis' and asked the gardeners. But it all drew a blank. Then I resorted to good old Google, searching through innumerable sites. Till browsing through endless botanical names and species finally yielded the name - Silver Oak. The tree is native to Australia (wonder how it came to India) and the name is derived from the silver coloured underside of the leaf.

That brings the year-long journey of my Nature Journal to a close. I admit I'll miss filling up more pages with interesting stories on our flora and fauna, and our experiences with them. But then as I just about finished the back cover, so you'll have one more post to enjoy the swan song of the Nature Journal. The next edition of the Nature Journal will get written only when I move locations or after 5 years, whichever is sooner. In the meanwhile, here is hoping some of you will start one of your own and share your journey here!

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