Saturday, March 19, 2016

Book Charms Earrings and Necklace Set

For those of you wondering why I had done the disappearing act, I have been nose-deep in maths equations, computer jargon, grammar and likewise. Phew! just got over with the exam season and I sure am a happy mommy. Browsing through some old pictures on my desktop, I came across this little project I did last year and forgot to share with you. So here goes....

Someone approached me to create a sample set of handmade jewellery featuring tiny book charms. It was meant for members of a book club and the client wanted to have paper as the medium. However, we finally settled on polymer clay as a more sturdy material and I created a pair of danglers and a necklace. Must say it was a fun diversion from my usual line of work.

And polymer clay is such an addictive medium. As one gets used to it, moulding pieces becomes that much easier and you can create innumerable designs with it. Needless to say I am already hooked, and have created a few more neck pieces. Watch this space for a reveal soon!

If you are looking at a book charms jewellery set, do write in to me at and place your order. The set is completely customizable - the beads that you see in the pictures here can be replaced by a colour or size of your liking, and the book covers can be changed to your favourite ones too. These jewellery sets will make ideal gifts for young girls, and can even work as return gifts.

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