Thursday, December 28, 2017

Corner Table Redo

I am trying to sneak in one more blog post before the year goes out and a new one starts, full of promise, with new projects and ideas. So here's sharing a project I did a couple of months back -- when the weather was warmer and the sun much stronger -- but forgot to post about. This project was a part of my pre-Diwali clean-ups around the house.

We have had this corner table around the house for years. It has been a rather useful piece of furniture, as it promptly fits in just about anywhere, and mostly gets obscured by whatever is placed on it. But still that awful sunmica tabletop had been an eyesore for me, bothering me every time I placed the table in my room. Then this year I had an idea.... why not change it?

And so you see the good old corner table donning a new avatar. Well, at least the tabletop does.... who sees the legs anyway? :P I started by sanding the borders and covering them in some yummy pink acrylic. Next I covered up the yucky brown sunmica with my favourite newsprint, dabbed some washes in white to tone down the blacks, and stuck a bouquet of flowers on it, making a round central pattern. And voila, the makeover was complete! Of course, a better effort would have meant painting up the sides and legs as well but I just got lazy. 

Anyhow, now the table looks good enough to be placed by itself, without needing things to hide its shabbiness. In fact, the pink borders add quite a dash of cheerfulness to it. Ending this year on that happy note.... Have a fantastic 2018, everyone! 

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