Monday, February 12, 2018

A Month of Experiments

January has been a month of experiments - from trying out a new medium (gouache) to playing around with different techniques, monoprinting being a primary one. So here are the results for all to see... 

Someone passed around to me a half-used set of gouache tubes from Winsor and Newton. Quite a few colours were missing or already used up, so I had to use my ingenuity to figure out what I could create with a limited pallette. This drawing with a jar and pomegranates is my first gouache experiment.

Since I don't have a gelli plate, I do my prints using plastic sheets. Here are some of the outcomes... 

And then this next one is about masking negative space to create a new artwork.

Finally, a combination of vegetable prints and line drawing to get an abstract piece of art.

Hope you carry back some inspiration from these and play around with colours simply for the love of the process, like I did.

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