Tuesday, November 27, 2018

An Ode to the Dettol Bottle

The other day I went down to the chemist nearby to get some Dettol. Yup, that same antiseptic liquid that we all grew up with.... our go-to solution for all ouchy cuts and scratches. Well, the friendly chemist informed me that Dettol is no longer available in the typical glass bottle it always came in. The company had changed its packaging to plastic - easier to distribute and use, but definitely adding to the environmental burden. Not sure if that is a good idea!

As I walked back home with my package, I realised that the absence of any more glass Dettol bottles meant  that my older painted bottles were now one-of-a-kind pieces. You won't get the same glass stuff anymore, guys! And I'm not at all keen to paint on plastic :P Call me an arty snob if you want but I don't want to encourage plastic use.

So here's a dekko at some of those lovely glass Dettol bottles that started my journey as a bottle artist all those years back... a trip down memory lane, full of nostalgia and love.

Most of these found new homes along the way, like this gorgeous Ganpati bottle....

....and this one featuring a coastal scenery that is viewed through a window adorned by a lush flowering vine. 

I hope all these babies of mine are still being loved and cherished, wherever they are. 

And meanwhile I better go back and check if I have any left to gloat over and display at home


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