Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Monoprint Cards

'Long time no see' is becoming a recurrent theme around here owing to multiple reasons. Due to my inability to get any fresh creative work done, I decided to pull out these monoprints I worked on last summer. I tried out this series of experiments in monoprinting using material lying around the house and the studio. And the results were fascinating....

I finished the pieces with some top-layer freehand painting and added a butterfly made using acrylic skins. Tried out different colour combinations for effect.

Methinks the green-and-blue piece turned out well. Though the brown-and-beige puts a sharper focus on the actual monoprint. But the contrasts on the other one appeal to me more.

This last picture is to give you a sense of the size of these cards....yes, they are smaller than a full-size pencil. Start small and then move on to bigger pieces - that is always my mantra for all new experiments. What is yours?

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