Thursday, November 28, 2019

Canine Capers

This blog has been running on autopilot for quite a while now; what with festivals, pollution holidays, changing seasons, and just about everything else taking away my creative time. But I managed some DIYs around the house in the midst of all the chaos. Till finally a few chance photos clicked by the sonny got my creative mojo back.

So here's my first attempt at capturing our four-legged friends. But let me give you some background first. We have a bunch of doggos that we share our street with. Each mongrel has a name assigned, and a distinct personality or physical trait. Now what else does the artist need?

Presenting Oreo, the fellow who hangs outside our gate and sleeps under our car. And gets fed by both us and our upstairs neighbours. When we moved house in the beginning of the summer, Oreo was a bullied weakling, with the younger and healthier ones constantly picking on him. Now he is back to his confident self, frolicking around with his detractors. His only weakness now.... bones, of course! :)  And here is the picture of Oreo that got me going...

Now I am working on a series (my third) capturing our street dogs for posterity. But like I've done here, the style will remain fun instead of realistic. Hope you enjoy my paintings of these doggo fellas as much as I love making them. And yes, feedback is always appreciated.

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