Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Melody Central

Today being Earth Day, I had to share with you all my second painting from my new illustration series, appropriately called Lockdown Freedom. This series features a creature (my signature bird/s in this case) who is free from the global lockdown, and leading a life doing what they please. Like singing their hearts out to their own tunes.

Have you tuned in to this new music channel - Melody Central? Listen closely.... and you'll find it playing across most cities around the world. As multiple news reports have confirmed, birdsong has returned to our cities and lives, ever since the lockdown started. Well, we can also equally participate in the joy of the bird. Even in lockdown. Tune in to the nearest tree and you'll find Melody Central playing.... sometimes solo, and sometimes in orchestra!

Music being food for the soul, why not indulge in our favourite melodies during these depressing days. What better way to transport ourselves to a sweet and soothing state of mind. Since the lockdown is also about frugal living and using only the basics, this series has been painted using only the primary colours (red, blue and yellow) and their various combinations, along with just black and white.

Watch out for subsequent paintings from the series in the coming weeks. Stay home, stay safe....and stay happy! We might just be on the verge of a brand new Earth.


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