Friday, October 16, 2020

Mosaic Cacti Planter


There's something about joining broken pieces to make a new whole. Giving fresh life to broken pieces by recycling and reinventing. 

And that is exactly what I did with the concrete planter that the gardener mistakenly broke last month. Instead of throwing it, I decided to refurbish it to plant my expanding collection of cacti. But only after giving the broken edge of the planter a new mosaic finish.

Since I had glass beads lying around, I combined them with hand-cut pieces of ceramic tile to make these mosaic flowers. Afterwards, I fixed them in place using adhesive and cement grout.

After the gardener helped replant the cacti, this is what the final piece looks like. Isn't that a lovely makeover? Now I can't wait for those cacti to bloom in summers.


Had to share a picture of the mosaic cacti planter with its beautiful blooms.

Project successful :)

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