Sunday, December 20, 2020

Blue Heart Mosaic


Earlier this year, we created a blue mosaic heart on a stone slab to commemorate 2020, the year of the nasty pandemic that has taken the world by storm. Covid-19 has affected countless people globally, impacting individuals, their means of livelihood, and their families adversely.

This blue heart mosaic stands in our front garden as a mark of thankfulness to all the frontline workers in the middle of these unprecedented times. Those that left behind their loved ones at home to venture out to the call of duty, risking their lives for ours.

We wish for a better, kinder world in the coming year. A world where people are not afraid to meet, to hug and hold hands, and most importantly, a world that does not place restrictions on our freedom. Hope our wish for a happier, healthier world comes true soon.

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