Friday, April 2, 2021

The Tree Trunk Art Project

Another year, another public art project! So glad to be living in an area where we have some like-minded people who care to brighten up their immediate environs with street art. This time a dead tree trunk became our canvas. 

But let me share the back story first. So a couple of full-grown trees were transplanted a year back. While one survived the change, the other one could not make it. It withered and started shedding its bark. That is when this project was conceived by another resident artist. 

And voila! Over the Women's Day weekend in March, three of us got together to enliven the dead tree. With no plans in place, we started painting randomly. 

But as the colours took over the tree trunk, it acquired a colourful new identity.

From the greens of the grass and leaves to the red, pink, white, and blue flowers that blossomed on the trunk, each gave it a new dimension.

Then came the butterflies, ladybirds, and a variety of birds.

Finally came the unconventional elements - a dog, a mask, even a frothy beer mug hidden amidst the folds of the tree trunk!

It was a new, fun experience to give life to a dead object of this size. 

The best part was to be able to paint to our heart's content on such a large canvas. 

It was, no doubt, somewhat tiring, as you can see from our weary faces in our project wrap-up picture. But despite everything, it was an immensely satisfying experience! 😅

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