Friday, August 27, 2021

The Lemon Tree Studies


This month I'm bringing you my lemon tree studies. But first, the back story: so we have a lemon tree right in the middle of the backyard, planted by the previous residents. It has a uniquely shaped crooked stem and gives fruits aplenty in season. Though I wish the fruits would turn yellow sooner.... they remain a vibrant green for weeks, and take forever to ripen. 

But I'm grateful for the lemon tree and its bounties anyway. So I tried painting it using acrylics at different times of the day. The aim was to capture the changing light, and the various moods of our crooked lemon tree.

The Crooked Lemon Tree

The first study focusses on the unique crooked shape of the tree, and how the leaves light up in direct sunshine. Maybe we need more chairs in the shade to enjoy the balmy weather! Who all want to join me? 😃

The View from the Bedroom

This next study keeps the lemon tree as the central focus but also attempts to capture its pretty neighbours - a flowering vine, a herb, and a fruit tree. This study is my favourite of the three lemon tree studies I painted, as I enjoyed its complexity. 

In the Evening Light

The last study is an attempt to catch the fading evening light falling on the lemon tree, where some parts of it are in the direct light while some others are in a pinkish reflected haze.

Hope you enjoyed this foray into my backyard, and the various moods and shades of the lemon tree. Do let me know in the comments if any of you would like prints of these lemon tree studies.

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