Monday, April 19, 2010

Living By The Stream

Wouldn't it be such fun living in such scenic settings, with a gurgling stream flowing in the backyard? Well, no harm dreaming on a manic Monday morning! What better way to face the week ahead....

Got inspired for this painting from this picture I came across somewhere while trawling the net.

Though I didn't realise this while painting, but parts of this work have a distinct fairy-tale like quality to them.

When I saw the picture up close I was transported back to my childhood, where I'd sit with a beautifully illustrated storybook and dream away. :)

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DoodleDesign said...

Hi creativerumblings, I came to visit your blog after i saw your name in Genine's blog :) She did a terrific work, huh? Well, I'm juz happy to meet friends all over the world with passion in Art such as myself.

Art has no boundaries.. and so does this virtual worls to be able to connect all of us living faraway from each other.

Btw, I'm totally with you about dreaming to have a house near the stream.. Blissful!

Keep on painting, and visit me too, okay?


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