Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update and Cityscape

I haven't touched my pencils, brushes and paints for over a fortnight now. The new session at school, a visit from my parents, and my own birthday :) kept me occupied!

So the plan is to get back to painting with a vengeance, and I've decided to work on a series of cityscapes in my fav medium (acrylics and pen). Two sketches made for the watercolors await me but somehow I'm running away from them. Hoping this stint with acrylics will put me back in a frame to tackle the watercolors again.

Meanwhile here is a semi-urban (or semi-rural if you like!) cityscape of a scene I witness daily from my front sit-out.

The typical green of the mosque and its pretty domes especially catch my attention every time I look at them.

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