Thursday, July 22, 2010


Inspired by portulacas and day liles that are so common this time of the year, here is another painted bottle that I've named Blossoms.

This was tougher to do because of its round shape. The paint kept flowing all over, and I had to struggle with some quick drying to keep it looking even.

When my mum heard what I'm working on this morning, she complained I hadn't gifted her any. So Blossoms is for you, dear Ma, especially because you so love flowers.

As for you, dear readers, next time you grab a drink on the go, you know what to do with the bottle! :)


Nisha said...

When are you gifting me one ? :P
I promise to supply you whole bunch of different sized & shaped bottles in return.

Yes, round shape must've been difficult to paint.

Creative Rumblings said...

Nisha, its a deal alright... my bottle-painting progress is slow because I never seem to get enough empty bottles!
Glad u like it enough to want one as a gift. :)

Neena said...

Very beautiful, Madhurima. Its a gift to have this creative side, must be very soothing to indulge in these rumblings... Keep going :-)

Creative Rumblings said...

Thanks, Neena, for your encouraging words. It sure is a blessing! :)

Maria said...

When the ehck do i get mine?? Its pending for years now!! I can give u empty bottles...aisi bhi kya baat hai. Me wantsss plsss

Creative Rumblings said...

Maria, with you the deal is different; u gotta show up at my place first with a sackful of used bottles! LOL.... Agree??

Maria said...

I'll throw some from here first along with brickbats :-p

Jo said...

M, you should go commercial!

Creative Rumblings said...

Hmm, Jo, have been pondering on that for a while. Am a little lost about where to start; any ideas?


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