Thursday, July 8, 2010

French Riviera, Bottled Up!

Aah! let me take you on a quick getaway to the French Riviera, arguably one of the most scenic holiday spots in the world. So come along, close your eyes and imagine a stone-walled villa, with green vines and bright flowers creeping up the brown walls.

Huge arched windows beckon you to look out.

And as you gaze beyond the arch of the stone window, the azure blue of the sea dazzles you.

Tall palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze as colourful boats and yachts bob up and down on the waters.

Hope you enjoyed the flight of fancy just as much as I enjoyed spinning the yarn! And capturing it all through paint on a bottle... :)

The irony : Never imagined a bottle of antiseptic to inspire so much creative thought!!! Sometimes you do get inspiration from the weirdest of places, but the arch on the Dettol bottle has long seemed like a veritable window to me.

Go on, now search for your own Aha! moment. :)

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