Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tin Creatures

Ever struggled with the tin foils atop sealed cans of malt drinks and baby food? Well, get yourself a good cutter and take them out neat. Then see what you can do with those round tin scraps...

Turn 'em into a lil' bird ready to fly away.

Or float a fishy fish in the water.

And since it is monsoons, a snail with a shell on its back wouldn't be out of place either!

Hope you like my tin creatures and try some out yourself.


Maria said...

Awesome..awesome..awesome. how do u manage to do this. Its wonderful :)

Unknown said...

Amazing amazing amazzziiinnnggg..... Mads, I am so AWED!!!

Creative Rumblings said...

Thanks, dear ladies! :) The technique is simple really.

Just use an old ballpoint pen, and draw on the foil using the right amount of pressure. And you'll get that embossed effect! Remember to keep something soft underneath when you work, like folded cloth or newspaper.


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