Friday, February 11, 2011

Mustard Fields

Fields of yellow swaying in the breeze - a common sight in these parts in the middle of biting winter chill.

When everything is enveloped in foggy grey, the yellow and green of the mustard fields bring a sense of warmth and colour. So I decided to depict the scene using two diverse media.

This first one is a watercolor...

It has a dreamy quality to it, does justice to the trees in the middle of the field, and captures the light of the sun pretty well.

This second one is the same scene in acrylic and crayon...

This one captures the distinct colours in the sky better, gets the mustard field in the right shade of yellow, and has more texture to it. But those trees aren't as good here.

So which one do you like more?


Kayelllae said...

Hi Madhurima, I like the first one better. Love the trees, and hey, you've got creative license to make the mustard field and sky look any way you desire ;-)

Creative Rumblings said...

Thanks, Kristy. It is always good to share opinions, and get the other person's view (despite the artistic license!). :)


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