Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I'm on cloud nine as I share this news with all my lovely readers.... I finally sold my first batch of hand-painted bottles this weekend. Yayyyy!!!! :))

My client zeroed in on Gulmohar and Blue Cornflowers as her favourite designs, and I sent her two bottles of the same size, created with large doses of love! :)

The accompanying photos show the beauties waiting to be dispatched. Apologies for not putting up better shots; I was only carrying my phone camera at this time.

Selling my creations was a bit like giving away your kids to someone; I almost changed my mind at the last minute! :) But my family egged me on.... I love them so much for their unconditional support, and for putting the wind beneath my wings.

I have another exciting announcement coming very soon for my readers.... so stay tuned and watch out!

Till then, my thanks to all those who read my blog (regularly or sporadically), who care to leave comments, who catch up with my work on Facebook, and who are the reason for my wanting to stay in this space. A big "Thank You" to all of you!


Maria said...

Badhaiya badhiyan! always knew this would rock! Good going. all the best

Kayelllae said...

Congratulations Madhurima! Your work is so beautiful, and it needs to be released into the world.

vatsala said...

Congrats Madhurima.God bless you sweetie.

Anita said...

rima, i will treat your babies with love and respect... :)

Creative Rumblings said...

Maria, Kristy & Vatsala : Many thanks!

Anita: I know you will. I'm so glad the first batch went to someone like you! Hope you and the family enjoy them. :)


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