Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I've just discovered the abstract, and I love it! While blog hopping one morning I landed on one that discussed the process of creating abstracts. And that was it.... had to try it out myself.

And while I worked on it, I realized what sheer fun I was having. No pressures of how the painting turns out, whether it resembles the model, and so on. Just splash paint wherever you feel and enjoy the unpredictable. For even you don't know what you'll end up with! And therein lies the beauty of this process - it is totally intuitive and liberating.

If you take due care to not mix the colours while they are wet, you end up with something that looks bright and happy, whichever way you turn it.

Now I'm itching to make more of these, and hang some up in the kids' room. Imagine the cheer they would bring into any room for that matter.


Yogi said...

this is incredible!! simply loove it!

Creative Rumblings said...

Thanks, dearest! :)))


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