Monday, September 5, 2011

The Melody Makers

Painting is a strange process; I find myself falling into phases every few days. Like sometime back I was taken over by still life representations, and now suddenly I find myself going figurative. This is one of my such attempts at painting human figures.

Curiously, this painting was triggerred off by two different pictures I saw in the papers. I mentally fused the two, cutting out extra elements to come up with this composition of the trio on stage.

Though this particular piece is one of my smaller paintings (7"x11" approx.), I currently am drawn to a larger size (15"x11" approx.) for my latest works.

Also, I'm painting more from personal experience now rather than relying on some pictorial impulse.

Feels better and freer this way!



I am very impressed with the painting work on tea light ( just a beautiful piece) and bottle paintings are beautiful imagination of the painter. The musicians with tabla and Sitar painting is a classic and genius work with a good color combination.

Creative Rumblings said...

Many thanks for your kind words, Bhupesh. Glad you liked my work.


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