Thursday, January 17, 2013

Abstract Landscape: Coastline

Another travel-inspired piece comes up this week!

Back in 2001, I travelled to Chennai on work. And was lucky enough to be on a flight where the pilot loved his job.... For he especially flew us out over the sea just to give us a glimpse of the coastline from up in the skies. It was a spectacular sight - churning blue seas, foaming white surf, followed by an expanse of golden beach and then the green cover of the city dotted by red roofs. Not to forget the boats and ferries bobbing like little toys in the water.

My memories of that sight are captured in this painting. If you have any such special travel memories that you want captured for posterity, do write to me or send in your pictures at No better way to relive happy times than have them hanging up on your wall, where you an see them and relive the special moments everyday! :)

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