Thursday, January 10, 2013

Abstract Landscape: The Hills Are Alive

The biting cold of the last week has made us all compare our city in the plains to the freezing locales uphill. The chill of the mountains floating down here is unmistakeable, and the lack of sunshine only adds to the awfully cold conditions.

So naturally I was reminded of the many visits to the hills of Himachal in my growing-up years, and the beauty of the verdant landscape. The tall trees standing stately with their heads in the clouds, the swirling fog, the multi-hued hills depending on the light and the distance... and the hills finally merging into the skies. This is exactly what I tried capturing in this landscape.

I really enjoyed painting this piece and have used techniques like wet-in-wet for the mountains, and dripping for the trees. One of those paintings that looks far nicer upfront. Wish the colours could have been captured by the camera in their original brightness.

Still, a favourite piece as it helps me connect with my past travels. :)

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Creative Rumblings said...

Thanks, dear, it was a very satisfying piece of work. Glad you like it. :)


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