Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Abstact Landscape: Countryside

Carrying on my romance with the landscape, captured in an abstract/semi-abstract style.... this one is inspired by a road trip taken a couple of years back.

Great expanse of fields, trees, and barren patches, interspersed with water bodies full of water lilies and hyacinths - something I saw while driving down in eastern Rajasthan. Rather different from the desert and forts we usually associate with the state.

I am especially happy how the lilies turned out. The more I'm working on canvas, the more I'm realizing how much I love the buttery smoothness of pre-primed canvas. Ideal medium for flowy landscapes!


Nayana@cherishdreamlive said...

Very beautiful and great are very talented...

Creative Rumblings said...

Thank you so much, Nayana! Such kind and encouraging words keep me going.... And you have a lovely blog yourself; must read up more of your stuff. :)


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