Thursday, February 14, 2013

More Flames!

In my explorations on the internet, I have recently come across the concept of Tactile Art, or art that you can 'touch and feel' apart from enjoying visually. Such art is usually framed without any protective glass covering so that the viewers can touch the surface of the painting to enhance their experience of the same.

The concept itself wasn't really new to me but the way it had been incorporated into paintings was something totally amazing. So I decided to try some myself. And keeping in mind the Valentine's Day spirit, here's presenting a red floral..... one of my favourite flowers - Gulmohar or Flame of the Forest.

See the crumpled petals? If you see from a distance, the petals look almost real because of the texturing on them. Can you guess what material I used to get that effect? Sometimes the most mundane things give us gorgeous results!

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