Thursday, May 7, 2015

Nature Journal: M for... Mulberries in March

M is for March, and for mulberries! Though we are well into May (another M there), I thought of sharing the March page from the Nature Journal.

And a significant part of our March experience was devoted to mulberries....  Picking the fruit right off the numerous trees in the park as they hung, red and ripe. Shaking the trees and catching the fruit before they hit the ground. Collecting them gingerly in our palms so as not to squish them. And finally, washing them at home and biting into their luscious sweetness.

March also meant the advent of my favourite season, Spring. A time when our little terrace garden breaks into multi-hued splendour. Unexpected rains meant an extended blooming time for our beauties. And of course, this month I discovered the gorgeous Kachnar flowers; totally fell for the bright mauve-pink blossoms covering the tree and the ground underneath. Same for the Semul or Silk Cotton flowers; they literally make the term 'red carpet' come alive.

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