Friday, August 30, 2019

Garden Slab Mosaic

When we moved to a new place earlier this year, I noticed quite a few concrete slabs lying around the front garden. Dull and grey, they looked awful. So I had to unleash my creative juices... I decided to give one slab a mosaic makeover using damaged and broken ceramic pieces that I had been saving for a while.

Hubby partnered with me for this project, making it a fun DIY that we both enjoyed. We first covered the slab with a concrete mix and embedded the ceramic and tile pieces into it.

Allowing sufficient drying time, we grouted the slab to seal the embedded pieces and smoothen out the rough edges.

Next I used wet rags to buff the mosaic and clean off the extra bits of grout.

And voila! The boring concrete slab turned into a pretty stepping stone in the front garden.

To read what makes this mosaic project extra special, click here. Now I need more broken ceramics for mosaicing the remaining slabs in the garden. Who all are game to chip in?

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