Monday, September 23, 2019

Macrame Plant Holders

Today I thought of sharing something crafty rather than arty, just to give my readers a DIY goal for the coming festive season. Decorating with houseplants is trending these days, and the macrame plant holders I'm showing are so easy to make, they can literally be made in a day.

As we had moved houses recently, we had a lot of used pieces of jute twine lying around from all the packing and unpacking. I decided to use the pieces creatively instead of letting them go waste. 

Since I had learnt macrame in school (and hated it back then), I used those knotty ideas to create these plant hangers. YouTube and Pinterest are full of instructional videos; go check out.

Once the first couple of trials turned out right, I even added beads to the later creations. Don't they look pretty?

I mostly use coconut shell planters for my jute hangers, primarily for three reasons. First, coconut shells are extremely light as compared to ceramic planters, and hence better suited for hanging in small spaces. Second, in case of an inadvertent slip-and-fall while inserting the planter into the hanger, one won't break an expensive ceramic planter. You can replace a coconut shell easily with another one. Thirdly, coconut shells are such an eco-friendly option!

So there you go..... hope that is enough inspiration to get started on some macrame hangers yourself, and bringing in some greens indoors to deck up your abode for the festive season ahead.

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