Saturday, March 14, 2020


Though it has been a while since I've been near the sea, but a bit of the sea is always in me! So I decided to put up a couple of sea-themed abstracts. While the square one is on canvas, the panel is a piece of treated board. 

I created the canvas way back in 2014 but forgot to post about it, and the poor fellow lay ignored along with some other canvases in a corner of my studio. When we moved into a bigger space last year, I decided to pull out these pieces and use them in our home decor. I had lots of fun doing the background for this canvas since it involved some crazy, unpredictable paint drips. One always lands up with interesting pieces of art if one lets go, and eases the control a bit. While the outcome may not always be what you expected, but that is where your artistic imagination is supposed to kick in!

As for the panel, I created it last month, and it features sea shells we collected on our last family vacation to a beach. The glass beads give a sense of sea glass, and the colour scheme matches that of the canvas. They now hang together as an arrangement appropriately named 'Fantasea'.

I have plans to do more panels in the coming days, and will share my experiments with you as always. Meanwhile, here's marching on with our creative pursuits as we near completing a quarter of the new year already....where does time fly, really?

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